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Cheap Air Max 2015 e south city highest

Cheap Air Max 2015 e south city highest
identity, that is good enough to prove that Air Max 2015 are to go inside of person.So in brief reason logically, I again not how can understand" "Is also."The rose thought for a while, smiling of some self-ridiculeses smiled and said, " intelligence of Mr. Lin leads a person, will not understand these truths, is that I considered as correct too much." Squat down, the rose immediately after says again:"Three year agos, I accidentally lose while carrying out a task at a time, the person of organization then sends other cutthroats ofs to make track for to kil.Cheap Air Max 2015l me.Was owner to save me, at that time if isn't him, only afraid I was dead.So, these three in the last yearses I with no regret of work oneslf to the bone for owner.Just, I didn't thought of, I devote responsible, end but still hard get his trust, truely get into his core turn son.Feel a bit funny, oneself originally has been thinking that he or she is his left and right hands, just discover now, oneself however is one of his tool just." "This world originally be so.If"Lin Fang lightly says, " hope to consign on other peo.ple, rather hope to tightly hold in own hand." "Speak of come easy, do difficult."The rose says, " Mr. Lin, Air Max 2015 also have to be carefully some, Han Jin Hong now already stare at last Air Max 2015, only afraid can't easily pass Air Max 2015.Air Max 2015 cause trouble in the boundless as the sea and sky and make him facial to exert Sun, with Han Jin Hong's personality, if Air Max 2015 don't can be used by him, he will definitely remove Air Max 2015 at all costs." "Hum!"The smiling of despise is a , Lin Fang says:"That must also see him to have. that skill." "Mr. Lin, have Air Max 2015 never thought the position of replacing Han Jin Hong"The rose says, " does so with Mr. Lin's skill of words that is the easy to accomplish affair.If Mr. Lin would like to, I will definitely help Air Max 2015 with all strength." Eyebrows very tiny Cu Cu, Lin Fang lightly smiled to smile and said:"I temporarily return interest in the nothing important to Han Jin Hong, don't want to do so as well.If Air Max 2015 are to want to come to sound out me, Air Max 2015 tooked a lot of thinking." "I am sincere."The rose says, " do I how can make a fool of these smart in small way in Mr. Lin's in front againThat not is seek dead.I just feel that Han Jin Hong isn't a good main son, Mr. Lin be.And, these years of the person of organizations hasn't been giving up to seek me, if they find out me, Han Jin Hong also basically cans not guarantees me, only Mr. Lin can." "Air Max 2015 would like to pick my bed of pants, that must also see Ye Gao not happy up."Lin Fang Pie Pie mouth, say., Lin Fang turns but asks a way:"At the right moment, Air M. Cheap Air Max 2015 ax 2015 stay in the Su southern city so long, the news should compare quickI find out a person with Air Max 2015." "Mr. Lin ask, please."The rose says. "One calls Sun Jian's man, is a special kind soldier to be from."Wood's putting to describe Sun Jian's outward appearance is for a while. "Sun Jian"Rose very tiny Leng Leng, wanted to think, said, " according to Air Max 2015r description, this person should be the detached personal bodyguard of big superficial grou. Wholesale Air Max 2015 p Air Max 2015ng master Su.He also calls Sun Jian, is a special kind the soldier Be from, the artistic skill was very.Does Mr. Lin have enemy with him" "Should not ask of don't ask."Lin Fang says., Immediately after say again:"Superficial groupBE what" "The superficial group is the big business enterprise of the south city highest rank of Su, the underneath business involves real estate, mineral industry, and electronics...etc., is a listed comp.any.The "the rose says, " superficial group is what Su detached father's Su's trillion establish all alone, several very short years inside quickly start to flee.The black and white is two all pretty much eat of open.As for Su is detached, it is to have no big skill to pour, the slightest didn't inherit his father's hardhead, is typical model of the Wan Mao is two a life time Zus, whole day know to loiter in the woman's heap, exclusively steep those small star and mold especially." The eyebrows that the wood puts very tiny Cu Cu, own memory's seeming don't g. zwhz20150528 Air Max 2015 ive offense to superficial group, why do they want to employ cutthroat to deal with theySpout to project a cold Sen cold idea in the look in the eyes that the wood puts. "Mr. Lin, if Air Max 2015 have to deal with superficial group, that can look before Air Max 2015 jump."The rose says, " superficial group's relation in government is very hard, and, relate to with crazy owlet Li Ling Feng very good.If Air Max 2015 want superficial group, that is also tantamount to compete with Li Ling Feng, only afraid he can't sit on the sideline disregard." "Li Ling FengBe declare Su's south city three one of the big huge owletses of crazy owlet Li Ling Feng"Lin Fang is a bit stunned of ask a way. "Rightness.It is said that Li Ling Feng's money basically and all hands over to Su the trillion help to deal with .
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