Thursday, May 21, 2015

Air Max 2015 Review 15 dare to strike

Air Max 2015 Review 15 dare to strike

like Air Max 2015r this kind of person, I don't know and kill by the year before how much.Socialism nation, the universe of Lang Lang, I don't believe Air Max 2015 to dare to chase in the police station how am I." "Ha ha fat what police wantoned smiled and said:"Is my site here, even if I beat Air Max 2015 into severely wounded, as long as at last and literally seeking one to lend can also evasive answers pass by." "That didn't yet law of the land"Lin Fang says, " pays attention to human rights now, know notI ain't a prisoner again now, even.Air Max 2015 Review if being a prisoner should also does the guest polite spirit treat me and close me here and interrogate to calculate what meanI will definitely complain Air Max 2015rs." "Law of the landHa ha fat what police disdained to says, " do Air Max 2015 say law of the land with meI tell Air Max 2015, I am a law of the land here.Boy, Air Max 2015 fall inside in my hand today, if don't give Air Max 2015 some color to see, Air Max 2015 don't know that Ma Wang Ye grows a few eyes."The words sound falls to go, the fat police .pickeds up a Jing stick dynasty the wood released pass by. Up the chair put at the wood, a feet Chuai's chair turns to come over to at the right moment face himselfherself, the fat police pickeds up Jing stick dynasty the wood put of belly mercilessly Tong past.This kind of affair he does the task with ease and knows proper restraint naturally, can't make affair too big. Sudden Shan in the look in the eyes that the wood puts appears the Jing long grass of one silk, hanging up of corner of mouth slowness since a radian, finger lightly on playing,. the cigarette butt in the hand flies to shoot but, the face of exact center fat police.Lin Fang isn't that kind of helpless person, although the that Jing stick of fat police come down to harm not arrive he or she, , Lin Fang also there is no reason eating that Kui. The one of fat police bellows, the Wu lives hisher own face and crumpled several bottoms, angrily stares Lin Fang and roars a way:"Smelly boy, do Air Max 2015 dare to strike back"The fat police's face has some because cut up rough and pain and sufferings but distort, originally for the very embarrassed shape, more difficult Be getting toer the eye at present, imitate a Buddha Tu Man oil of pig head Zi write own tooth be like over there doggish bark wildly. Also disappear Lin Fang to have any action, the person has already arrived the fat police's in front.This one act that come all of a sudden frightenned a fat police on jumping, involuntarily of countermarch one step.What about Lin Fang the mouth smiled for a while, the one punch of "bang" hit at his bridge up.Clearly hear the voice that a burst of skel. Air Max 2015 Review eton splits immediately, the nosebleed splashes but.The fat police cries piteously the Wu wear hisher own nose and squat down on the ground and scold a voice repeatedly, "Ni Ma of, do Air Max 2015 dare to beat meDo Air Max 2015 dare to inherit Jing" "I am self-defense, what Air Max 2015 beat me first, I must strike back."Lin Fang Song the shrug, an innocent appearance, say. Another name card Jing is complete of Zheng at there, seem to be some frighten into inactio.

 Air Max 2015 Review n, this an act that come all of a sudden some come from his to anticipate, and, this kind of affair has never taken place as well.Who dare be unbridled in the police stationThis makes him don't know how of handle. "Boy, Air Max 2015 the dead settled today, Lao Tze didn't put to death Air Max 2015 today, and Lao Tze is Air Max 2015r grandson."The fat police cuts up rough of scold a way.The tears nosebleed mixs in a cake of, at the moment, .the fat police's shape not know have much embarrassed.He also the canning not considering of the explaination that shows just put 1 for wood to teach, has he ever when once eaten Kui like thisIs still much less just police station in, if don't find back this face, that later oneself return how of appear in public "I can have no grandson whom Air Max 2015 throw so a person."Lin Fang sneered at 1 and walked to come forward to, one feet arrives fat police Chuai in the ground, the morrow rides on his body, and the one punch connects a shining on of one pu.nch the fat police's face top to beat.Is sincere to arrive meat, that the voice bursting's imitating a Buddha is a perfect symphony, while wood's putting and then imitating a Buddha is a performer. In the beginning, the still emollient spirit of fat police scolded several voices, but gradual of, only have continuously wail.Is close behind, even the voice of wail keep on being also gradually thin.If time that doesn't eliminate a short moment, fat police is already to be getting more everything is completely changed, this still Lin Fang show leniency and start to have scruples about proper restraint, otherwise, he where still have a life at Although Lin Fang not fears to cause trouble, , at this moment, also not want to make too strong dispute.If really killed a police in the police station, that affair also .

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