Thursday, May 28, 2015

AIR MAX 2015 g for a while

AIR MAX 2015 g for a while

Fang says, " however, the words say back.Although say to is to spend the minimal money, , at least Air Max 2015 should also tell my tallest quota to is how much" "30,000,000, the number like this should be all right."The beard Ke says. Lin Fang not from of Leng for a while, startledly say:"The beard is total, have never seen out Air Max 2015 are still really pretty generous of.I still think that Air Max 2015 say with literally and then of but give several 1,000,000, unexpectedly is 30,000,000." Helplessly turned over cold stare, the beard Ke says:.AIR MAX 2015"The HK investment company is a southern getting of city soldier business enterprise of Su, besides, what this sale is a curio jade article, 3,000,000 can buy whatTakes several 1,000,000 isn't that the face that throws companyHowever, the words say these 30,000,000 can not necessarily buy as well what good thing, believe this time for the sake of showing face will have many rich in the past, Air Max 2015 had to notice good proper restraint, don't when the time comes in a pet, have no way to tidy up a mess.Company I can tell Air Max 2015, 3.0,000,000, if Be getting more, Air Max 2015 make money payment by Air Max 2015rself." "I still really don't dare to promise.If order more than a D"Lin Fang Hei's Hey smiled to smile and said. "A D's ordering doesn't go as well."The beard Ke determinedly says. "Air Max 2015 are malicious!"Lin Fang Pie Pie mouth, say.However, Lin Fang still compares to like better such of work of, at least, compare stay in the company the document seeing those boring to be good friends with much. Lin Fang started to stand and told a voice Ci to turn round to. prepare to leave.Just coming out is two, and then stops down, turned a head to see beard Ke one eye, asked a way:"The beard is total, yesterday at the hospital O.K.His disease how"Because don't know that the other party is exactly a beard Ke of what person, Lin Fang has to use a "he" word. Beard Ke very tiny Leng Leng, facial expression moment of dreary next go, eyebrows very tiny Cu the Cu is obviously some annoyance."Thank!"The tone of the beard Ke is some have no dint. Lin Fang very tiny Leng Leng, tiny tinily ordered to nod, don't say more again what, turn round to leave.However, the in the mind is secretly of decision, must give this affair to clear up, see this wench exactly at a little more vexed what, that patient is exactly her what person. After returning to own office, the wood puts to call Liu Han Xin to come in. See the facial expression that the wood puts seem to be a bit not so good, Liu Han Xin very tiny Leng for a while, say:"Manager Lin, Air Max 2015 don't mind, the beard total personality is that, and she is to in the mood forly aim at Air Max 2015." . AIR MAX 2015 Lin Fang not from of Leng for a while, had some to startledly see her one eye, obviously is didn't expect this wench to unexpectedly still pretty concern own of.Helplessly sighed tone, Lin Fang said:"Clear be that Niangs intentionally aim at me, wipe, I just arrived on the first day yesterday, where coulded know so clearly.Or how are Air Max 2015, know to concern me, my good will moves." "I just make Air Max 2015 understand beard total behavior, hereafter get along with will be ea.

AIR MAX 2015 DESIGN sily some."Liu Han Xin lightly says. "Calculate, don't say this, lift vexed."Lin Fang says, " assistant, just the beard always gives an account a task.The city inside will hold kind sale tomorrow meeting, she hopes that I replace her pass by.I to Su south the city is to acquaint with very much, so, Air Max 2015 tomorrow accompany me to go together." "Good."Liu Han Xin nods in response to the way. This is the job that is an assistant, the. nature of Liu Han Xin is to don't refuse of possibility, so, don't hestitate of promise down. Satisfaction of ordered to nod, Lin Fang immediately after said again:"To, Air Max 2015 heel underneath of the person say 1.Tonight I please drink, be is that I acquaint with with everyone.After getting off work again the doorway gather.Air Max 2015 also go together and prohibit not to go." Tiny tiny one Leng, Liu Han Xin says:"Manager Lin, I didn't go, I still occupied in the evening." "Urgent matterIf isn't an urgent matter, Air Max 2015 have to go.If".Lin Fang says, " is an urgent matter, that after I accompany Air Max 2015 to complete satisfactorily affair, one more since go.In fine, today anyway Air Max 2015 have to go.Air Max 2015 are my assistant, if even Air Max 2015 don't go, that I have no more face.Said again, I and are they all not just very familiar and also need Air Max 2015 to introduce." Is silent a short moment, Liu Han Xin deeply absorbed tone and said:"Is all right!" Lin Fang satisfiedly ordered to nod, once the mouth smile and say:"That agrees verbally so.However, say first good, I can not drink, Air Max 2015 must are responsible for blocking some wine for me when the time comes." "Manager Lin, if the words of nothing important matter, that I wented out first."Liu Han Xin finishes saying and turned round to walk to go . out
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