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air max 2015 eport outward carry on

air max 2015 eport outward carry on

organization of a certain business)The officials of the tallest layer class are called to defend big minister, is been responsible for ordination by the prime minister.Rule over scope to also include a prime minister under of self-defense soldier.The Japanese self-defence forces current annual budget is 4,800,000,000,000 yens, one of world's strongest forces. Japan defends hall on January 9, 2007 formally promote in order to defend province, but its precursor can trace and 1950 because of Korean War explosion but establish of the police prepare a brigade .air max 2015this and after of public security hall, defend hall. Vietnam Vietnamese Die reports a bureau(GID). The Vietnamese Die report bureau is the main intelligence report organization of Vietnam, also call to send a bureau, brief name"the radicle Yi is virtuous"(gid), code is k 49.It is nominally a subordinate organization of domestic affairs department, actually return direct leadership in the more total central political bureau.Its main job is to be outward responsible for spy intelligence report activity, moderate e.ach intelligence report organization work.Mainly make use of the intelligence report collection and analysis that diplomacy, foreign trade, transportation, post and tele and other some government sections carry on politics, economy, and diplomacy...etc. to the abroad, while reporting a more total central political bureau, carry on coordination to the local spy intelligence report system, erupt an instruction. Domestic affairs department Vietnamese domestic affairs department is main intelligence report and counter-espionage public security organiza. tion of Vietnam, it belongs to Vietnamese government series.Its main task is:(1)be responsible for collection abroad political, economic and important military intelligence report, outward carry on a spy intelligence report activity, and counter-espionage work.(2)control local political situation, maintain a social public order, inside the attention party, local dynamic state, the same the words and actions that slice to endanger a national security makes a conflict.(3)be responsible for leadering inside the party of guard work, be responsible for the safety to the vital part section to protect.(4)carry out the special task that the more total central political bureau hands over to. Vietnamese people soldier general staff intelligence bureau The bureau is the tallest leadership organization of Vietnamese military intelligence report system, belong to Ministry of National Defense, is directly led by Central Military Commission.It is responsible for overall management more the work of the soldier military intelligence report system.Three total intelligence bureau bottoms est. air max 2015 for wholesale ablish place, if especially the work military intelligence report battle, technique probe place, the Die report place, military officer business, intelligence report sorting, file data and political place, administration, and technique...etc. and also establish intelligence report training school. Italy Disinformation:Democracy safe intelligence bureau(SISDE). The democracy safe intelligence bureau builds up after being World War II of Italian national .

 buy air max 2015 security organization, belong to a Ministry of Interior to rule over, the headquarters establishes in Joe's ten thousand Ni Langs of Rome to check avenue, and establish branch in the whole country.The main task is:Defend Italian democratic nation form of government and fight any subversion activity of form, be responsible for a local secret to probe to work and carry on an anti- subversion, counter-espionage conflict to the or so wing extreme member with coun.ter-espionage. Military intelligence report:Military safe intelligence bureau(SISMI). The military safe intelligence bureau belongs to Ministry of National Defense to rule over, is the intelligence report organization of Italian most.The headquarters establishes in the cloth to pull Si radicle fortress.The military safe intelligence bureau is wased established to 1949, help in the United States under, press the mode of central intelligence agency to build up of, first of the name is armed forces' intelligence bureau.Cold War period, American centr. zwhz20150520 air max 2015 al intelligence agency is responsible for providing technique equipments, and budget...etc. to it, as to it's make policy to have very great influence with activity. The military safe intelligence bureau bottom establishes 10 places:Matter place outside the national defense, counter-question Die place, Die report and military officer, intelligence report sorting and skill to bust to translate logistic place of place, intelligence report, especially work training and allies intelligence report, the soldier work product and technical director etc..The military safe intelligence bureau established military tactics intelligence report organization in the Italian armed forces, namely the army safety battles intelligence bureau, navy safety battle intelligence bureau and air force safety battle intelligence .

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